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More Than Taking Pictures

Most people believe that a photographer just takes pictures. The truth is, there is a…

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Beautiful Flowers This Year

Looks like this year the flowers are really looking great. Today, I have a little…

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A Night To Remember at Lee-Scott Academy

Maddie McClendon Night at Lee-Scott 2020 Lee-Scott Academy Graduate and Dadeville native, Maddie McClendon was…

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Red Skies Over Alabama

There has been some great sunrises and sunsets the last week. Currently there are a…

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Spring is coming

Pictured is what many of us call a buttercup. you see them popping up almost…

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Learn To Burn

This week I have a chance to learn to burn off my property. The Alabama…

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Creek Waterfall

One thing about life, is you get to enjoy the wonders on the world that…

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Last Second bucket

Got a neat shot last night during the Opelika/Eufaula boy’s basketball game. Opelika scored a…

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First time I have seen a broad-winged hawk. According to…/alabamas-hawks-and…, this hawk is common…

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Happy New Year 2021

Well, 2020 has been like Wile E. Coyote being smashed, blown up, & run over,…